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    Shenzhen Feimin Technology Co.,Ltd. has a professional technical support department to provide all aspects of pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services. Adhering to the "customer satisfaction is the first pursuit" of the purpose of service, excellence, in good faith as the fundamental, to provide better service.

    First, pre-sales service
    1. Provide relevant brochures, technical manuals and product technical consultations for the products.
    2. Provide solutions.
    3. According to the actual situation of project bidding and customer demand, we can cooperate with customers to complete bidding and product promotion.

    Second, the sale of services
    1. Provide installation guidance, on-site commissioning, and use of demonstration services according to customer and contract requirements.
    2. Train the customer's operation and maintenance personnel so that the trained personnel can understand the product's functions, related technical indicators, and common troubleshooting, so as to achieve the purpose of proficient operation and use of the system, and simple maintenance.

    Third, after-sales service
    1. Establish customer files and improve product quality. The company has established detailed customer files from the design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the project, and provides guarantees for providing customers with high-quality and predictable services.
    2. The quality of the products promised to meet the relevant standards. The quality guarantee period is December. Any manufacturing quality problems occur during the warranty period. Free maintenance by our company and replacement of major quality problems. If the warranty period is exceeded, the material cost and corresponding labor costs will be charged.
    3. Feimin's technical support engineers are trained by Feimin to provide regular, efficient, reliable and quality after-sales maintenance services.
    4. For the requirements of on-site training or maintenance, our company will dispatch technical personnel to provide services to users in a timely manner. The technical personnel of each provincial and municipal office will arrive at the scene within 24 hours after receiving the call, and the service personnel in other provinces within 72 hours. Arrive at the scene for service. If you encounter a special situation and cannot arrive in time, you will contact the user in time to obtain an understanding, negotiate the fastest time, and arrive in time within the agreed time.
    5. When the product or project is inspected, according to the customer's needs, do technical training, operation methods, and problems that should be paid attention to during use and common troubleshooting methods.
    6, after-sales service and technical support hotline: 0755-23035723
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