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    Centralized meter reading means that the terminal equipment centrally reads information of electric energy of multiple electric energy meters, and then transmits it to the management center through the transmission medium (GPRS, 485 signal line, power line carrier, micro power wireless network, etc.), and the management center pairs The data of the centralized meter reading is input to the main station database, and the main station system partially performs the functions of counting the electric energy data of each area, the evaluation of the power consumption, the analysis of the line loss, and the prepaid management according to the copied data.

           Feimin provides an integrated communication solution for centralized meter reading.

          ? Feimin GPRS communication products are widely used in concentrators, intelligent network tables and other terminal equipments for their superior ESD performance, wider temperature range and stable GPRS data transmission, providing reliable solution for centralized meter reading upstream GPRS communication. Program.

          ? Feimin micro-power wireless communication products have the characteristics of self-organizing network technology, wide operating temperature range, strong anti-interference ability and convenient application. They are widely used in single-phase electric energy meters, three-phase electric energy meters, concentrators and other equipment for concentration. Meter reading provides a stable and reliable on-site wireless communication solution.

          ? Feimin Power Line Carrier Solution is trusted by users due to its low power consumption, stable communication and high reliability. At present, it has been widely used in single-phase smart meters, three-phase smart meters, collectors, and concentrators, providing a reliable on-site power line communication solution for centralized meter reading.

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