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    Smart grid

           Smart power grids refers to the intellectualization of the power grid. Based on the integrated and high-speed two-way communication network, through advanced sensing and measurement technology, advanced equipment technology, advanced control methods and advanced technology application, the security and economy of power system operation are improved, and the goal of "high efficiency, low carbon" and "energy saving and emission reduction" is realized.

           Fei Min provides advanced and reliable integrated communication solutions for smart grid.

           ? With its superior ESD performance, wide temperature range and stable GPRS data transmission, Fei Min GPRS communication products are widely used in transformer and transformer monitoring terminals, concentrators, smart network meters and other terminal equipment, providing reliable solutions for upstream GPRS communication in smart grid.

           ? Fei Min micro-power wireless communication products are characterized by self-organizing network technology, wide operating temperature range, strong anti-interference ability and convenient application. They are widely used in single-phase watt-hour meter, three-phase watt-hour meter, concentrator, high-voltage line fault alarm system and other equipment to provide stable and reliable on-site wireless communication for smart grid. programme.

           ? Fei Min With the characteristics of low power consumption, stable communication and high reliability, power line carrier scheme is widely used in single-phase smart meter, three-phase smart meter, collector and concentrator, which provides reliable field power line communication scheme for smart grid.

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